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April 02, 2017

Everyone loves a good vacation. For those who want to go into the rough without “roughing it” though, many turn to the luxury of a recreational vehicle, or RV is it also called. Salvage RV offer all the allure of the great outdoors along with all the modern comforts of the great indoors.

Buying a salvage RV can be a significant investment. New RVs can cost as much as a small house, and lot fees only worsen the matter. To enjoy a comfortable outdoor vacation with a RV without having to take out a loan, consider looking at salvage auctions.

Get Luxury For Less With Salvage RV

Many salvage RVs have suffered only minor damage. Since a salvage title only means that an insurance company estimated cost of repairs to exceed a large percentage of the vehicle’s value – usually 75% to 90% in most cases – a vehicle could be salvaged for any number of reasons. Significant damage to the interior, for instance, could only require some new carpet and scrap lumber to get the vehicle livable again. Likewise, a minor collision can cause cosmetic damage that would be expensive to fix like new, but could easily be replaced with comparable materials or used parts.

All of these issues can require a quick fix, but mean thousands of dollars saved by purchasing a salvage RV.

The Salvage RV Spectrum

Seeing as salvage RV status can mean any number of things, looking through the auctions for a listing that meets your needs could provide you with a gold mine. Some older model recreational vehicles may not require expensive repairs before an insurance company declares it totaled. Similarly, an salvage RV that has been sitting neglected could have an undetermined issue with it. This could cause the owner to file a claim rather than going through the hassle of having to keep up with the maintenance themselves.

Stolen RVs may also have been declared salvage RVs. After three to ten days, the insurance company declares the vehicle a loss. If the vehicle is later recovered, they will still force the owner to total the vehicle because they have already paid out the policy. This scenario can mean big rewards for a lucky bidder.

Salvage RV Needs Smart Shopper

The decision to buy a salvage RV spells big savings. Consider fixing the RV yourself or finding a mechanic with competitive rates that can help you. You should never accept sub-par work, but keep in mind that many of the estimates that insurance companies receive are inflated. This fact means that their decision to total the car in the first place may have been simply because of a lack of foresight. Savvy buyers, especially those with mechanical experience or access to inexpensive parts or labor, can capitalize on this mistake and end up rewarded with a fabulous vacation vehicle.

Consistent Clicker Will get The Salvage RV

In order to get the best value for your money, you should always keep an eye out for a solid auction. Some salvage RVs may require more work than you are willing to put in, but if you wait long enough and check often enough, a listing will appear that feels like a diamond in the rough. Avoid projects that will get you in over your head and hold out for the less risky deals, and even the most mechanically-deficient vehicle owner will have an inexpensive option for visiting Mother Nature in comfort and style.

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