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Used & Salvage Chevrolet Tahoe For Sale at IBIDSAFELY.COM

February 26, 2017

The Tahoe is a full-size SUV introduced by Chevrolet in 1995. It is one of Chevrolet’s most successful vehicles and it has won numerous awards such as the prestigious Truck of the Year award given by the Motor Trend magazine. The first generation of Tahoe could be purchased as a two-door or four-door version, while the newer generations come only in four-door guise. There are also rear-wheel drive only and four-wheel drive options available.

Chevrolet’s Tahoe is often used by various law enforcement agencies, EMS agencies and fire departments, which speaks volumes about its durability, reliability and quality. Chevrolet even offered it as a special vehicle either in four-wheel drive (Special Service Vehicle) or two-wheel drive form (Police Pursuit Vehicle).

Chevrolet Tahoe can be purchased in various different trim levels and options but the LT remains the bestselling one. Potential owners of used Tahoes usually opt for the 2007 model which has a common price range between $9,000 and $12,000 at online auto auction. The color choices are wide and they can suit anybody’s style and preference, but the most sought after colors include black, white and gray.

Tahoe comes equipped with the best engines in class and it is also commonly praised for excellent build quality, good fuel efficiency, overall ruggedness and durability and an impressive towing capacity. On the other hand, some owners are dissatisfied with the interior space. Some generations of Tahoe have been involved in minor recalls concerning the electrical and fuel systems.Tahoe should not be considered as an everyday vehicle unless it is meant for frequent towing activities.

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