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About Us

January 08, 2017

About Us

Our teams are here for you 100% to ensure that you will be happy with your selection. We are ecstatic to share over 20 years of combined experience in the salvage car auction industry and we will work to ensure that you are getting the answers to any of your questions and yes we mean any question. Our 5 teams of professionals are here to serve you and your needs.

Within the 14 years of operations, iBidSafely.com has been created from just two employees to more than 100 different contributors and hundreds of employees. We have over 800,000 clients and plenty of deals, RideSafely.com has plenty of rich history and experience for you to share in.



iBidSafely - Auto Auctions Remarketing Services that specializes in damaged cars for sale, Car auctions, Insurance auction, motorcycle auction, salvage bid, crashed cars for sale, and used cars auction. We have a main location in Pennsylvania, but we service the whole world with clean title cars, used cars car auctions as well as salvaged auto vehicles.

We have a large selection of cheap cars for sale and the inventory that we have updated on a daily basis. We are here to make car buying easy. Our purchasing power and experts will enable us to give you an affordable and large inventory of used vehicles such as exotic cars, trucks, even SUV’s. We do strive to give you the best discounts, convenient ordering, as well as smooth transaction processes for cars for cheap.



We will be offering you the largest selection of used vehicles such as rebuildable cars, SUV’s, motorcycles, and trucks with various damages from insurance losses like recovered theft, fire, vandalism, flood, and collision. We also have cheap used cars for sale that carry clean titles such as lease returns, former rental cars, and bank repossessions.



If you are unable to find the right vehicles for sale while in our inventory of SUV’s, trucks, and cars, then you can use our purchasing services to get the best deal on the car that you are wanting from car auction like: Copart, IAA, and Insurance Auto Auctions. Our buyers will work with you to help you find the car that you are looking for.



We have and still do ship out hundreds of used vehicles from U.S. auto auctions every month. The relationship that we have with our international and domestic shipping companies allow us to move your car around the country and around the globe. You can visit our shipping partners page for information about our shipping costs.



In order to reserve a car, you will need to make a deposit with a credit card. Full payment is made via money order, cashier’s check, deposit, or credit card within five days of the deposit unless it has been arranged prior to posting your deposit. Learn more: How to Buy (Payment Instructions And Rules)

So, Welcome to RideSafely.com, the ultimate resource for clean and salvaged titled vehicles. We offer everyone access to the lowest prices, highest values, and best customer service available for the online car auction industry.

RideSafely.com will enable its members to be able to purchase used cars for sale as well as trucks, SUV’s, ATV’s, tractors, trailers, motorcycles, boats, trucks and so much more with a centralized auction location. We will work with you and other leading companies to give our members more than 50,000 used vehicles each week. We have close relationships with hundreds of private auctions that give auction members around the clock access to some of the lowest prices and best selection of online auto auctions in one location.

You can gain a quick and easily obtainable registration with use and in order to get the best selection of auto auctions around in the industry, simply register with iBidSafely.com, place your bid, put your deposit down, and then let us do the rest for you.

We have helped thousands of people get used cars for sale through our auto auction. We will give access to our auto auction inventory, while still offering the best car buying experience without having to have a dealer’s license. We offer low fees, all-inclusive services, and personal care from your very first bid to your vehicle delivery on every purchase.



Whenever you have a question, our service agents will be there to help give you real time support for any issue that you may or may not have. Our representatives are highly skilled and will be able to teach you how to bid, save, and win your purchases. We have three methods of support: live chat, email, or phone.



Simple. An online auto auction is normally just for licensed dealerships, but that is where we come in. The insurance company will auction off their cars to the auto insurance industry, which makes up the main source of salvaged vehicles that are available on the market right now here at iBidSafely.com. When they sell off their vehicles, the insurance industry is able to make up from some of their losses, which helps to keep down the cost of insurance.


But, I am not a dealership.

This is why you need iBidSafely.com. Since we are a licensed dealership, we will bid on your behalf, which will give you the opportunity to get your used car at the same type of price that a dealership would pay, normally for just pennies on the dollar. You can get used cars for sale from all of the major auction houses that are featured on our website, which adds used cars every few hours.


How do I get started?

Our auction website is always here to help you find the right vehicle that will fit your budget and your needs. Additionally, it will show you how to bid or bid for you, purchase, and even arrange shipping to your home whether you are international or domestic. Just so you can get your used vehicle from the comforts of your own home.

We know that a slow seller is a hot commodity and we will give you a chance to win.

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